By: Matthew Amodeo

I remember when I was 14
and I ran downstairs
gripping my hair
because I had no choice
I had to tell them….
the fear outweighed the love
and I cried tears of pain not tears of pride
it was on this day, that I told my parents I was gay
never did I say
that I wanted to be gay
but there I was
lying in bed
the light from the lamp burned my eyes as I cried
voices racing through my head
but I wasn’t ready to accept that this thing
this small aspect of my personality
was a blessing more than a burden
I lived a life fearing no one would love me
no longer do I denounce myself
or who I am
no longer do I allow others to tear my community down
no longer will i be ashamed to say im gay
ill continue to rock my clothes
and be who I am
not to tell people im gay
but to say that you cant own me
who I love doesnt define me
bottom line
dont even try
we are our own kind
so today
we choose to cast away your hate
and we won’t even hesitate
to embrace who we are
we arent a disgrace
so stay in your place
I will say
that im proud to be gay
today I will stand proud
with my 2sLGBTQ+ siblings
and I will continue to say
love wins

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