Queer Women’s Needs Assessment

Within the peel region there is a definitive lack of resources, spaces, and services catered to queer identifying women. Moyo HCS is working with communities and service providers to conduct a community needs assessment to address the divide between service providers and queer women within the Peel Region. Through this process we hope to provide an opportunity for queer women to identify their needs through the use of surveys, focus groups, and in-person / phone interviews. This opportunity is open to individuals who self-identify as being queer, and a woman, and have an attachment to the Peel Region. This attachment can range from currently or previously residing within the region (preferably within the last 5 years) or spending a significant amount of time within the region.

After the data collection, Moyo HCS is aiming to arrange open community meetings with queer women in the Peel Region to share the results, have an open space for discussions on the assessment and recommend the future direction of the project. We hope the Queer Women’s Community Assessment can be used to explore more programs, workshops, and opportunities to deliver more services directed towards queer women in the Peel Region.

If this assessment sounds like something you, or someone you know would like to be involved in, please contact Amneet Bhogal at amneetb@moyohcs.ca or 905-361-0523 ext. 236 for further information.

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