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Peel has accomplished new levels of success addressing intersectional social justices. However, 2SLGBTQ+ communities still face transphobic and homophobic violence leading to social isolation, lack of belonging, physical and emotional distress, and an overall lack of visibility within the landscape of the region. The 2SLGBTQ+ Collaborative is made up of 16 organizations working in the community service sector. This table seeks to champion meaningful 2SLGBTQ+ inclusion by taking a community-based and community-centered approach to equity.

The Youth Beyond Barriers (YBB) Program provides confidential services for youth aged 12-17 who identify as 2SLGBTQ+, through weekly support and education groups, and individual counselling. The YBB Program also offers community capacity building around 2SLGBTQ+ inclusion.

  • Individual Counselling – The individual counselling allows youth to explore their identities and lived experiences, and uncover ways of moving, operating, and thinking that are helpful in their lives. The counselling component is community-based and/or virtual and utilizes a strength-based, client centred approach. Additionally, support can be provided for parents/caregivers of youth involved in the program.
  • YBB Groups – Weekly YBB groups offer support and psycho-education at two locations in Mississauga and Brampton (Currently offered virtually due to COVID-19). The YBB group brings together 2SLGBTQ+ youth, to share their experiences and talk about issues that matter to them.  The groups aim to promote healthy living, healthy sexuality and 2SLGBTQ+ positive lifestyles and identities, through group and social activities, and community education and advocacy, where appropriate.
  • Youth Gender Journeys in Peel (YGJ Group) is a 12-session group for trans and gender-diverse youth, who are exploring their identity and expression.  Facilitated by a trans-identified YBB Counsellor, the YGJ Group includes topics such as self-identity, coming out, navigating discrimination, transitioning and more.
  • Referral Process:

    Community partners, youth and caregivers can contact AYSP’s Youth Intake Specialist 905.890.5222. The YBB Program can also be accessed by calling 1.800.762.8377 ext. 460 (toll free), or by e-mail at ybb@aysp.ca.

    Youth and caregivers can also make a self-referral by contacting WhereToStart.ca or by calling 905.451.4655.

    Partner organizations and AYSP staff working with clients who meet eligibility requirements can make a referral to the YBB Program via the Internal Transfer Protocol.

    The YBB Program Supervisor is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the referral process or program criteria – 905.890.5222 x 1254.


Brampton Library is a world-class destination that creates opportunities for everyone to discover their full potential by fostering literacy, inspiring learning and building community. We believe that a diverse and pluralistic society is central to our community’s identity and that libraries have a responsibility to contribute to a culture that recognizes diversity and fosters social inclusion. We are dedicated to working with our community partners to provide welcoming services and safer spaces for all, including those who identify as 2SLGBTQ+. See our Diversity and Inclusion Policy for more information, and visit our Calendar of Events to find out about programs such as the Pride Book Club.

CMHA Dufferin-Peel offers

  • Services that are inclusive of the 2SLGBTQ+ Community

East Mississauga Community Health Centre‘s services include:

  • Support and social drop-ins
  • One-to-one support and referral sessions
  • Confidential phone, email and Facebook contact
  • Queer and Trans primary health care and trans-specific health care
  • Advocacy around queer and trans issues
  • Referral to queer and trans positive services including counselling
  • Consultations with service providers, allies and families of queer and trans folks
  • Collaboration with community organizations on joint initiatives including education and trainings
  • Trans-Activate – a drop-in program that takes place on a weekly basis each Wednesday evening from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. – snacks and drinks are provided.
  • QX – a drop-in program that takes place on a weekly basis each Thursday evening from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. – snacks and drinks are provided.

Embrave: Agency to End Violence (formerly known as Interim Place) is an anti-violence organization providing shelter, counselling and advocacy supports for women, Two-Spirit, gender queer, trans and non-binary folks experiencing any form of violence in the Region of Peel and beyond. People with or without children can access our services.

We understand Gender Based Violence (GBV) impacts women and trans folks disproportionally. We understand that survivors experience of violence are compounded by intersecting forms of racism and oppression.

Embrave: Agency to End Violence is a low barrier organization that is committed to ending GBV by acknowledging and addressing the multitude of barriers facing folks who have experienced violence and by providing crisis intervention and a range of supports and services.

Embrave: Agency to End Violence’s definition of gender based violence includes; intimate partner violence; sexual assault; sexual harassment; cyber violence; physical, emotional and financial violence; stalking; structural and systemic violence such as racism, colonialism, classism, transphobia, homophobia, sanism, islamophobia, nationalism and ableism.

Embrave: Agency to End Violence works within a feminist, anti-oppressive, anti-racist, disability justice and harm reduction framework.

All of our programs encompass Sex Workers Rights approach.

Our programs include:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Shelters
  • 24-Hour Crisis Support Lines
  • Community Support and Outreach Program supports survivors living in the community who have or are experiencing violence
  • Central Intake Line provides coordinated access to Transitional Housing Supports in Peel Region
  • Sexual Violence Counselling Support Program
  • Public Education Program
  • Lead Agency for the Peel Committee Against Women Abuse

Family Services of Peel offers:

  • Counselling services for members of the 2SLBTQ+ community in Peel
  • “Generations” is a weekly support group held at our Mississauga Office (151 City Centre Drive. Suite 501). For the group schedule, please contact our Intake Department at (905)-453-5775.

Indus Community Services offers:

  • Family Services program provides crisis intervention, counselling, family court support, mediation, case conferencing and day-to-day support to youth and adults.
  • Staff members trained in Risk Assessment and Holistic Crisis Intervention and Planning.
  • Intersections program provides a safe space for newcomers to receive responsive personalized counselling support and information regarding settlement with a 2SLGTBQ+ lens, strengthening social networks, and decreasing isolation.
  • Private and confidential 1 on 1 settlement support.
  • Linkages to external services such as income tax clinics, legal aid, and other relevant community services.
  • Workshops, presentations, & information sessions; Resource library, movie nights, arts and crafts, and fun activities.

Moyo Health & Community Services offers:

  • Gender Journeys, explores gender identity and roles
  • HIV counselling, systems navigation, support
  • Totally Outright, 2SLGBTQ+ Leadership Project
  • Queer Minds, weekly mental health group for 2SLGBTQ+ community members
  • Gay men’s sexual health promotion
  • PrEP and PEP education & support
  • Fee for service 2SLGBTQ+ Inclusion Training & Capacity Building
  • All services are 2SLGBTQ+ inclusive

Punjabi Community Health Services offers:

  • PCHS offers services for seniors, families, youth, and individuals/families looking for help in the areas of settlement, mental health and addictions related issues.
  • All services provided are inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community.

Queen Square Family Health Team (QSFHT) offers:

Transgender and non-binary clients are a priority at Queen Square Family Health Team (QSFHT). QSFHT provides individuals with safe, supportive, and gender-affirming health and counselling services.

They Offer:

  • Education and information
  • Support for social, medical, and legal transition
  • Surgical assessments
  • Sexual health and screening
  • Provide clients with access to medically supervised transition and psychosocial transition support in a culturally safe environment
  • Supervised transition (hormonal therapy and/or surgery)
  • Culturally safe clinic space
  • Services are open to anyone seeking Gender Affirming services.

For referrals:

  • Patients can call 905-453-1453 and ask to self-refer to the gender program
  • Service providers or practitioners can send a referral letter by fax to 905-453-7498
  • Patients and service providers can also refer via the referral portal online. Visit it here.

Services & Housing in the Province (SHIP) offers:

  • Health service and housing support provider
  • Mental and physical health services through in-house service teams and partnerships with community-based agencies
  • We currently provide programming that aims to address service gaps for 2SLGBTQ+ folks

WellFort Community Health Services offers:

  • All services are 2SLGBTQ+ inclusive

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